What is Storm Seal, Valley Seal

What is Storm Seal, Valley Seal?

Storm Seal, also known as Valley Seal, is a Great Modern Roof Invention!

There’s a range of different innovative products that can help prolong the life of the roof and gutter system of your home. Many of these products are inexpensive and can help save a lot of money in repairs in the long run.

One of these products is called Valley Seal. It’s basically the same concept as old storm sealing products, in that it helps protect the roof from water damage. There’s different types of emergency Storm Seal products that are generally installed on properties that have already sustained damage during a storm or other event. Valley Seal is more of a permanent long term measure that is very easy to apply. It can be applied to the roof at any stage – the sooner the better!

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What are roof valleys?

Valley Seal, as the name suggests, is used in roof valleys. But what exactly is a roof valley? Roof valleys are the metal channels that sit where two sloped sections meet. They are the joins that help channel water down the roof’s natural slope and prevent back flushing.

We generally see two types of roof valleys: wet and dry.

Wet valleys are more open in their profile and the edges of the tiles next to them are traditionally laid in mortar to prevent overflow. The tiles around dry valleys, however, don’t use mortar and allow drainage over the full width of the gutter.

Wet valleys are now few and far between because they are no longer approved under Australian Building Standards due to issues with mortar cracking (among others) – who’d have thought?

Valley Seal install
The Pros demonstrate valley seal installation on a roof

What is Valley Seal and how does it help keep roofs and gutters in great condition?

With wet valleys no longer an option in Australia, dry valleys have become the most popular roof valley style that we see on modern homes, especially those built within the last few years.

What Valley Seal does is takes on the traditional role of the mortar in wet valleys, but without the danger of the mortar cracking and falling into the gutters and downpipes to cause blockages and irreversible damage.

Valley Seal is an innovative creation made from strips of foam, structured with bitumen for added durability. Forming a barrier on either side of the valley, Valley Seal helps protect the integrity of the roof and gutter by funneling water and other debris down the proper channels, rather than allowing it to overflow freely.

It’s also quite pliable, meaning that when the roof moves slightly, as it expands and contracts in hot and cold weather, the Valley Seal will move with it, eliminating the risk of cracks forming in the seal. Valley seal is installed just under the edge of cut roof tiles so it’s not really exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This sun shelter means it lasts basically forever.

We can also install Valley Seal alongside quality Gutter Guard. Our staff can help with general advice on how you can effectively extend the life of your roof, your gutter system and your entire home. Valley Seal is also used as a storm protector around the edges of skylights.

Where can I get Valley Seal for my roof in Melbourne?

Get in touch with our team of gutter cleaning and protection experts today. We’ll take a look at your roof and gutter system and let you know whether Valley Seal is the best option for your circumstances.

Call or send a text message to 1300 BOX GUTTER (1300 269 488) or visit our contact page for more options and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!