Gutters covered with Box Gutter Guards

Box Gutter Guard

Box Gutter Guard

Do you have a box gutter fitted to your property? Are you considering having a box Gutter Guard installed? This is your guide to make sure you end up with the best fit for your home or commercial building and to avoid wasting time, effort and money with gutter protection that simply doesn’t work.

Box Gutter Guards
Ember Guard being installed to Box Gutters

What is the difference between box gutters and other types of gutters?

Box gutters get their name from the way they’re constructed. They’re generally wider and deeper than other gutters, with higher edges on all sides. This makes it look like the gutter is ‘boxed in’. So, if you look up at a roof and you can’t see the gutter itself, it’s likely that the building is fitted with a box gutter.

They used to be very commonly found on commercial and industrial buildings, but nowadays they’ve become more popular for residential homes.

In regards to their effectiveness, box gutters can be quite prone to clogging as leaves, sticks and other debris are, as mentioned above, ‘boxed in’, with no real opportunity to flow over the gutter’s edge.

This is why it may be very important to have the right Gutter Guards fitted on to your box gutters as soon as possible. A clogged gutter is a problem no one wants or needs and can cause an expensive amount of damage to the property.

Fitting a box gutter with a Gutter Guard can often be difficult because of the sheer depth and width of most box gutters. When box gutters really block up you will often have thousands of litres of water pooling inside them, like a big bathtub. This immense amount of water build up will amount to a massive amount of weight on your roof.

What is the best Gutter Guard for box gutters?

When it comes to Gutter Guard for box gutters, you’ll see quite a few options out there on the market, especially at hardware stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10.

Here are a few options you might see for sale that are usually NOT suitable for box gutters…

Brush gutter guards not suitable for box gutters
Brush gutter guards are NEVER suitable for box gutters

Brush Gutter Guards

Made from heavy bristles, these Gutter Guards can usually be cut to length, but with box gutters, you need to worry about depth as well. Most brush guards won’t fit the right dimensions. Brush guards are much too small for box gutters. They’re also not the most effective gutter protection options in general. They tend to catch debris rather than stopping it from entering the gutter system, which can lead to frequent blockages.

Foam Filler Gutter Guards

Though these are usually cheap and simple to install, they can easily become clogged with pine needles and other debris. They also tend to grow a lot of mould and mildew, especially in the cooler months when it is harder for them to dry out completely. You’ll find that foam Gutter Guards won’t fit the proportions of a box gutter by a long shot.

Perforated Gutter Guards

These are the run-of-the-mill plastic or metal guards. The holes in these guards aren’t great at stopping smaller pieces of debris and they’re usually installed via a clip-on method which isn’t super sturdy. The dimensions of these products may fit some box gutters but are usually not wide enough to provide quality protection.

Here is the BEST Gutter Guard for box gutters…

Screwed Down Mesh Gutter Guards

A permanently screwed down mesh Gutter Guard is our top pick for the best box gutter protection option. It sits on top of the gutter rather than inside it, ensuring the best coverage for box gutters. In saying this, you want to make sure that you don’t try to DIY it. Always call in the pros. Professional mesh will be made of high quality, long lasting materials with the ability to be custom-sized to achieve a more complete fit. 500mm is the standard width for box gutter guard install, but often 650mm to 750mm is necessary and can be custom cut from the massive rolls of trade quality raw material. Box gutter guard professionals offer a range of colours to choose from and will safely complete the installation for you.

Customized box gutter protection
Screwed down meshes by design, are much more customizable and can be fitted to almost any box gutter or roof channel. This photo is a perfect example because the guard protection mesh has even be fitted under the plastic sheet join. This roof is on a car dealership and the owners were concerned about roof leaks.

Is the box Gutter Guard Bunnings supplies worth buying?

If you’ve read any of our other articles, you’ll know that we are huge advocates for calling in the professionals whenever you need Gutter Guard installation or maintenance. Put simply, hardware stores DO NOT have any guards suitable for your box gutter protection.

Though Bunnings and other hardware stores do offer products that are marketed as being suitable for all gutters, you’re not likely to have the same quality outcome as you would with a professional installation.

Here’s why…

A DIY Gutter Guard installation is generally carried out without the experience and knowledge that professional gutter technicians hold. This can lead to poor installation methods and safety risks.
The types of Gutter Guards available at hardware stores are not custom designed for each gutter and will generally not fit a box gutter properly.
Gutter Guards from hardware stores are never made from the same high quality materials as Gutter Guards from a professional service, leading to quicker wear and tear and less overall protection.

How to get box Gutter Guard installed on my property?


At Box Gutter Cleaning, we partner with some of the best box Gutter Guard suppliers and installers in Australia. Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Having your box gutters protected by the right type of Gutter Guard is going to save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. You can also call us when the time comes for Gutter Guard maintenance – it’s one of our most popular services!

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