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Types of Gutters That We Clean

So What Types of Gutters Do We Clean?

If you’re not in the business of dealing with gutters every day, you may not realise that there are many different types of gutter systems available to suit all different types of buildings. As we’re a Melbourne based gutter cleaning company, we figured that outlining some of the most popular gutter profiles found in Melbourne might give you a good idea of the types of gutters that we clean on a regular basis.

Roundline Gutters

Roundline gutter
Roundline gutter. Image source: Gutter Cleaning on Different Gutter Profiles

Roundline gutters are a popular option for homes with a Spanish or Tuscan design style because their shape tends to match the architecture really well. They’re also referred to as half-round gutters. When you view them head-on, they hold a semi-circle shape.

When these gutters are installed, they are commonly paired with stop ends and gutter brackets, but as these gutters aren’t as common as, say, Quad gutters, some accessories may be tricky to find.

The main benefit of a Roundline gutter system is that they have quite a wide diameter, making it easy for them to carry water, while their smooth shape offers less nooks and crannies for debris to get lodged. Their shape naturally helps flush out blockages and they’re one of the easier gutter profiles for our team to clean.

Squareline Gutters

Squareline gutter
Squareline gutter. Image source: Gutter Cleaning on Different Gutter Profiles

Popular with newer builds and renovations for their ability to hide the ends of sheet tiles and roofing iron, Squareline gutters have a square shape that tends to complement most buildings.

You can find them in both Lo-square and Hi-square varieties. Hi-squares offer a higher coverage that’s great for homeowners who want their roofing edges covered to make the roof look a bit more stylish, while Lo-squares are a slightly more economical option.

These types of gutters have high water capacities, making them the perfect choice for homes in wet and rainy areas. But if the area you live in is quite dry, you may find that the square shape of these gutter systems clogs easily without adequate rainfall to wash debris away. A quality Gutter Guard can help combat this, so there’s definitely no need to replace the entire gutter, if that’s the case. Talk to a professional about servicing of gutter guards.

Quad Gutters (also known as D gutters)

Quad gutter
Quad gutter. Image source: Gutter Cleaning on Different Gutter Profiles

This is the most common type of gutter we see in Melbourne, and generally the most effective as they’re easily accessible and quite long lasting. Their shape also makes installing gutter protection a simple task. Quad gutters are a good balance between good water flow and attractive design.

They look like a mix between a Roundline gutter and a Squareline gutter, with the slightly rounded shape looking great on a wide variety of Australian homes.

They come in a range of different widths and profile variations like high front and low front, making them one of the most versatile gutter options on the market. It’s also becoming more common for Quad gutters to have little overflow slots in the outside of the gutter, to stop the water back-flowing.

O-Gee Gutters

O-Gee gutter
O-Gee gutter. Image source: Gutter Cleaning on Different Gutter Profiles

Many of Melbourne’s designer homes are fitted with O-Gee gutters as they’re quite a decorative shape and style, suiting those kinds of houses.

They have both upsides and downsides. One upside is the fact that they’re very sturdy. What’s frustrating is, they are generally held on by internal brackets and due to the narrow gutter floor inside, they are harder to clean and tend to block up easily. The internal brackets of O-Gee gutters sit lower and this can block the flow of water, giving leaf matter and other debris a chance to get stuck.

Gutter Profiles Wrap Up

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