Is it worth getting gutters professionally cleaned in Melbourne

Is it worth getting gutters professionally cleaned in Melbourne?

Let’s face it, living in Melbourne can be costly. For Melbourne homeowners, it can be a struggle to decide what kind of professional home-related services are worthwhile and which ones are a waste of money and can be put in the DIY basket. Gutter cleaning is one of the most debated topics when it comes to this. We’re here to give you our honest opinion as to whether it’s worth getting gutters professionally cleaned in Melbourne. As gutter cleaning specialists in Melbourne, we are 100% qualified to offer our advice on this subject, so have a quick read and decide for yourself whether you should look into gutter cleaning for your Melbourne home.

What are the main benefits of having gutters professionally cleaned?

Debris, pests, blockages and other problem items are properly removed from the gutter…
In the leafy suburbs of East Melbourne and other areas with plenty of trees, gutters can become filled and blocked quite quickly. When you carry out a DIY gutter clean, you may think you’ve cleared everything from your gutter system but there are lots of nooks and crannies where plenty of things can become lodged and create problems over time.

Mould, fungus and mildew love to grow in dark, moist places and they breed especially well where there is decaying leaf matter to sustain them. It is so important to ensure your gutters are cleaned fully and properly every time to avoid these kinds of unwanted growths.

It’s not only important to identify structural issues on the roof or gutter system, but to keep an eye out for any pests that might be nesting in the vicinity. Our professional gutter cleaners know the signs to look out for, ie. clumps of feathers or nests, rodent droppings, snake skin sheds and other traces of animals. Quick identification and removal of birds, rats, snakes and other animals in the roof can help reduce the risk of disease, allergies and parasites in your home, as well as minimising damage to solar panels and other expensive property.

totally neglected gutters on an old house
Worse case scenario of a totally neglected house with all the gutters fallen away from the old roof.

Potential issues or repairs can be identified quickly

Another great reason to have your gutters cleaned professionally is that trained gutter technicians know their way around a roof. They can spot any potential damage or issues with your roofing, gutter system and surrounding features so that you can get onto them quickly, hopefully reducing the damage done and the price of repairs.

This works best if you hire the same Melbourne gutter cleaning company on a regular basis. If one of our cleaners is up your roof and has seen your home multiple times already, they’ll know if anything looks different and can give you a heads up.

Minimise risk of injury to yourself or your home

This is a massive reason to hire professional gutter cleaners. We’ve heard way too many horror stories of people trying to clean their own gutters and injuring themselves in a fall or damaging their property. A professional gutter cleaning service should always train their technicians in safety procedures and best practices to reduce risk to themselves, the home and anyone else in the area while they’re up on your roof. At Box Gutter Cleaning, we certainly do!

Do discounts apply for gutters partially cleaned?

No gutter cleaning service in Melbourne that we’re familiar with will offer a discount for partially cleaned gutters (including us).

There is a good reason for this. Removing the surface debris like clumps of leaves is a small portion of what actually goes into properly cleaning a gutter. We also have to bring along our specialised gutter cleaning equipment like ladders, safety harnesses and cleaning tools. This takes time and effort on our part which needs to be accounted for.

This is just another reason to hand it over to the professionals from the get-go. It’s no use getting half way through a job, wasting time and energy, when you may end up needing to call in the pros anyway, for any number of reasons. They’ll do a much more thorough job as well.

properly clean gutters in melbourne
Your gutters should look like this after a professional clean out.

Should I get my gutters professionally cleaned?

At this point, you can probably tell what our stance is here. We definitely recommend leaving the gutter cleaning to the pros. Whether you live in Melbourne or not, gutter cleaning shouldn’t be a DIY job, unless you’ve had the proper training. We’re not biased. We’re not trying to sell you on our services because we want to take your money. We have the experience to back up our knowledge and we want to make sure you’re well-informed when it comes to making such an important decision like this where safety is such a risk.

How do I get professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne?

Simple! Get in touch with our friendly team here at Box Gutter Cleaning. Whether you’ve worked with us before or not, we’ll happily chat with you to provide a quote for all your gutter cleaning needs.

We’re open to once-off and ongoing work and we specialise in residential gutter cleaning, commercial gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and Gutter Guard servicing. We service Metro Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Give us a call today on 1300 BOX GUTTER (1300 269 488) or visit our Contact page for more ways to get in touch.

High access is worth employing a pro gutter cleaner
With high access work it’s particularly important and worth it to employ a pro gutter cleaner.