How Do Professionals Clean Gutters in Australia?

So How do Professionals Clean Roof Gutters?

Have you ever wondered what kind of tools gutter cleaning professionals use to help clear and clean out gutters to keep them flowing freely?

Sure, not everyone enjoys cleaning gutters, but it’s a very important job, and should not be put off or avoided… or attempted without the proper equipment. Luckily, there are professional gutter cleaning companies in Australia that will do the job for you. Our team here at Box Gutter Cleaning are at the top of their game – they’re professionals for a reason and know how to get the best results for your gutters and your home or place of business.

So, what do the professionals use to ensure your gutter is looking schmick and the property is kept safe and sound? Let’s find out…

Blowers and vacuums

Both blowers and vacuums are often used by professional gutter cleaners as tools of choice.

With that in mind, our team here at Box Gutter Cleaning do not use blowers and we don’t recommend them for use. Why? Blowers tend to push leaf litter and debris underneath the roof and into the eaves, often hiding the mess, rather than clearing it up and removing it from the property. They do not provide the same amount of control that a vacuum does, resulting in a subpar clean. On the other hand, a vacuum is very easily controlled and secures the debris for disposal, rather than pushing it to another location such as your roof or lawn.

A blower simply moves the rubbish from one place to another. A vacuum controls the clean up process and allows for easy leaf disposal.*

*Note: Gutter vacuums can be very restrictive when it comes to accessing the roof. Currently we are not using vacuums ourselves but we know from experience that they are useful on certain jobs.

A man using a leaf blower
This is not the way to clean your gutters!

Hands on

That’s right, the Box Gutter Cleaning team are all hands on deck – literally. Cleaning by hand with selected hand tools truly allows us to get to the nitty gritty leaf matter and grime, ensuring your gutters are cleaned to perfection.

Gloves, rake-like gutter cleaning tools, ladders, hoses, and vacuums are all used by our expertly trained staff. Thick gloves help protect hands from sharp sticks, jagged metal edges on roofing and gutters, as well as any dangerous creepy crawlies like spiders and snakes hiding amongst the leaf litter.

Gloves are great for gutter cleaning
Gloves are great for gutter cleaning

Ladders with strict safety requirements are the best way to get some height to reach the gutters themselves. Hoses, vacuums and specialised cleaning tools, designed for use in all types of gutters are the perfect clean up combination. Cleaning by hand also ensures that the cleaner gets up close and personal with your gutter – every nook and cranny will be thoroughly checked, and even the smaller pieces of debris will be found and removed. On top of this, the tools listed above won’t cause any damage to your home or any of its residents or visitors.

Two different ladders to access different roof heights
We have a variety of ladders to reach single, double and triple storey roofs

Our team also offers Gutter Guard cleaning and maintenance, which is completed using much the same tools as our gutter cleaning services. If Gutter Guards need to be replaced, however, more specialised tools are brought in to carry out those jobs.

A neglected gutter in Australia that needs cleaning
A neglected gutter in Australia that needs a professional cleaning

Why hire our Box Gutter Cleaning team?

By hiring a professional team of gutter cleaners, you don’t have to spend time researching which tools are the best and it will ensure you do not accidentally damage your gutter (or hurt yourself) when attempting a DIY job. Not only that, any rubbish left over from the cleaning of your gutter will also be removed, so you don’t have to deal with that either.

Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service can also save a lot of hassle. Our team have all the tools needed to make sure we can provide a great service. All our gutter cleaning technicians are super friendly, and well trained in cleaning your gutters so you receive quality results every time. Leave it to the experts and put your mind at ease knowing they’ve got all the right tools for the job.

Visit the Box Gutter Cleaning contact page today to see how they can help you or call 1300 BOX GUTTER (1300 269 488)!