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Roof cleaning

Moss, lichen, and dirt don't stand a chance. Get your roof cleaned by expert roof cleaners.

Water doesn't drain properly when your roof is dirty. Pooling water will it cause it to rust, rot, and degrade sooner than it should. Our roof cleaners will have your roof looking and draining like new.

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  • Our cleaners always incorporate the best safety procedures while cleaning your roof.

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The owners of a double-storey house with a large accumulation of lichen called Bax to clean the terracotta roof tiles and get rid of the green build-up.

We quoted the work prior to commencing, factoring in roof access and location of all windows. Our roof cleaners used specialist equipment to access hard to get areas, including levelling extension ladders, fall arrest harnesses and pressure washing equipment.

Our team cleaned the roof by pressure washing the roof surface. Access was difficult, and spots were steep and slippery. Industrial rope access and fall arrest equipment was employed to undertake the service safely. This meant we could effectively remove the build-up of moss and get the roof looking like new.

In addition to the roof clean, our team also cleaned the gutters to allow water and debris to escape the roof during cleaning. After the roof and gutter clean, a complete building wash and window clean was performed, allowing the entire house to shine!

case study roof cleaning

"Very happy with everything Simon. Nice young man you sent along, he must be a keeper :)"

Jill – Glen Iris

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