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Gutter Cleaning With High Ladders

Cleaning High Gutters with a Ladder

Gutter cleaning is certainly not a job for the faint of heart! Do you want to see one of the biggest ladders in Australia in use? In this post, we explain to you exactly how we go to (almost) any heights to ensure our client’s gutters can be cleaned efficiently, effectively, and of course with safety as the highest priority.

What heights can a ladder reach for gutter cleaning?

We are lucky enough to have access to the longest portable extension ladder for high gutter cleaning currently available in Australia… and we know how to use it!

It reaches a height of 38 feet (about 12 metres, as seen in the photos) when fully extended and weighs around 45kgs. As you can see, it’s an absolute beast.

We are very lucky to have an experienced team of gutter cleaners who know how to use this kind of ladder safely and effectively. A lot of other gutter cleaning businesses aren’t so lucky. When using a ladder like this, the safest way to do it is to have one person climb the ladder while two other people hold it steady at the bottom as they raise it. As most gutter cleaners are sole traders or contractors working alone, they simply don’t have the manpower to safely use a ladder like this.

For Box Gutter Cleaning though, climbing up three or four storeys to clean gutters is completely doable.

Accessing Roof Gutters with high ladders
Accessing very high Roof Gutters with ladders

Safe gutter cleaning with high ladders

The first thing we need to say about using high ladders for cleaning tall gutters is that it’s always a job for the professionals. The safety risks will never fail to outweigh the amount of money you might potentially save upfront.

When it comes to safely using high ladders, it is so important to get it right every time. Falling from a height of around 40 feet is a recipe for disaster and generally ends up in severe injury or death. We want to avoid this at all costs!

When we use high ladders for gutter cleaning, we always make sure we…

  • Secure the ladder properly with two sets of hands
  • Set the ladder up on a sturdy, flat surface to avoid slipping
  • Avoid overreaching or overbalancing as this can cause a fall
  • Come down from the ladder when we need to move to the next section rather than moving the ladder with somebody on it
  • Keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times when climbing and working (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand)

Of course, there are many other ladder safety aspects to take into account like wearing helmets, setting the ladder up at the correct angle, etc.

Why choose Box Gutter Cleaning?

Whoever said “don’t try this at home” was surely talking about cleaning gutters. Seriously, when you’ve got a team of experts who are more than willing to get up there and get their hands dirty, why go to all the trouble of doing it yourself?

We’ve got the team, the tools and the experience to make sure your gutters are cleaned to perfection. We can even offer additional services like roof cleaning and gutter guard servicing.

So, when it comes to keeping your Melbourne home or other property safe from the damage that gutter blockages can cause, Box Gutter Cleaning is the crew for you. All it takes is a quick visit to our website contact page or a phone call 1300 BOX GUTTER (1300 269 488)

We’re looking forward to working with you!