Before and After Gutter Cleaning

Before & After Gutter Cleaning

What a Professional Gutter Clean Looks Like…

We’re pretty proud of this heavy-duty gutter clean we carried out recently, so we figured we’d share some before and after photos with you all. This is how your roof and gutter system could look after a visit from the Box Gutter Cleaning crew!

Before and during the gutter cleaning service

Before Gutter Cleaning
Before our Gutter Cleaning service the roof was also covered in leafs and decaying mulch.

As you can see in the pictures above, this block of units is surrounded by trees! Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a leafy suburb, but where there’s lots of leaves, there’s generally blocked up gutters.

Tree Pruning Included in the Gutter Clean

Before Tree Pruning and Gutter Cleaning
Notice how the gutter is also being invaded by the overgrown tree.

For this clean we really had to use all the tools at our disposal. First, we had to take care of the overhanging branches. We gave the branches in the general vicinity a bit of a haircut, so they were no longer hanging directly over the roof. This really helps to cut back the frequency of future gutter cleans needed by reducing the amount of leaf and twig build-up.

Then, we came in with our exclusive Box Gutter Cleaning process to remove the build up of leaves, twigs, seedlings, moss and mould from inside the gutter and from the external flat roof area connected to it. We used a combination of our hands (with heavy duty gloves) plus a few cleaning tools to make sure we emptied the gutter entirely of any blockages.

The most important thing to mention about this clean up is the fact that safety was our #1 priority, as it should be for all gutter cleaners. We used a sturdy ladder and followed our very strict safety guidelines to ensure we didn’t hurt ourselves or anyone else who happened to be nearby.

After the gutter cleaning service

After Gutter Cleaning and Roof Sweeping
After our Gutter Cleaning and Roof Sweeping service the roof can finally breath again!

As you can see, this roof and gutter system now has a completely new lease on life. The gutters are clean, clear and ready for the next rainfall.

We couldn’t clear away all of the branches overhanging the roof, but by tidying up the foliage we’ve lessened the risk of gutter blockages and damage. Next time we come back to clear this gutter, we will have a much easier job on our hands.

Why is regular gutter cleaning important?

You may have noticed in the after images that although we carried out a thorough clean of the roof and gutter surfaces, there is some residual rust and build-up that refuses to be removed. This is due to the fact that the debris was left piled up on there for such a long time. This is especially an issue with flat rooftops like the one highlighted here, because there’s no angle for leaves and other debris to fall off naturally. Flat roofing is notorious for being a debris trap.

Aside from leaving stains and rust, build-up of debris can also become a comfortable home to all kinds of mould, mildew and bacteria which can quickly cause health problems or issues within the foundation of the building itself. Birds also like to nest in it. Blockages like this can also cause internal leaking as the water has nowhere to go and just sits on the flat roof after heavy rainfall.

Regular gutter and roof cleaning is the only way to truly keep your home in great condition and free from rust and other nasties that accumulate when leaves, twigs and other bits and pieces pile up over time.

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