Roof Cleaning Service

Roof Cleaners Who are Qualified, Professional, and Safe.

The moss, lichen and dirt on an unmaintained roof will cause water to drain less effectively. If water begins to pool on your roof, it can cause rust and rot.

An unclean roof will also be more slippery than a clean roof. So if you have air conditioning units or other equipment that requires periodic servicing, having a clean roof will help reduce potential trip and slip hazards.

A clean roof will look great, too. Whether you want you home to look like it’s new again or you want to present your business as clean and professional, a roof cleaning service will go a long way.

Roof cleaning services

Roof Cleaning in Seven Simple Steps

At Bax Gutter Solutions, our roof cleaning process is simple and safe. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling your roof cleaning.

Our roof cleaners will have your roof looking good as new in seven simple steps, our process involves:

  1. Assessing the roof covering and dirty build-up to determine the cleaning methods.
  2. Checking all gutters and drains to ensure that water can drain correctly during the cleaning process.
  3. Ensuring any personal items below the roof are move to avoid run-off from cleaning.
  4. Establishing a safe working environment for roof access by putting in place fall restraint measures.
  5. Fully washing down of all roofing surfaces.
  6. Cleaning up any debris on the ground from the cleaning process.
  7. Reporting on condition of the roof if any damaged areas were found during the cleaning.

Why Choose Bax Gutters Roof Cleaners

At Bax Gutters, our roof cleaners are trained to work safely at heights, and we have all the necessary cleaning and safety equipment.

We provide the best quality roof cleaning service, without compromising safety.

To book your roof cleaning, call our friendly team on 03 9998 3658.

Thanks heaps for the wonderful job at Young St. From start to finish your work was customer focussed and the job was wonderful.

Sam Schwarz


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