Now Available: Combined Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Introducing a complete solution, just in time for spring.

Roof and gutter cleaning
Spring is here. You know that means; spring cleaning! It’s time to clear out the winter blues and get your home ready for warm weather, summer barbeques, and holiday entertaining.

At Bax Gutter Solutions, we’re introducing a special new offer to help you to get your home (or business) shipshape. We’re combining roof and gutter cleaning to provide you with a complete solution.

We’ll clean out the leaves, mould, and debris, which has accumulated over winter, thereby leaving you with clean roofing and gutters. We do it all, safely and promptly, so you don’t have to.

Who are Bax Gutter Solutions?

Roof and gutter cleaners
Bax Window Solutions have been providing Melbourne and the surrounding area with high-quality window cleaning services for years.

Bax Gutter Solutions was formed after the Bax Windows team highlighted an additional need within the market for this service.

Bax Gutter Solutions’ core values are quality and reliability. Our team are committed to providing the highest quality cleaning services, while also adhering to strict safety standards.

We provide:

We take the difficulty and danger out of gutter and roof cleaning. Whereas DIY cleaning can be risky and ineffective due to high-up/slippery areas and non-professional equipment, we strive to ensure that work is completed safely and properly, every time.

Why choose combined roof and gutter cleaning?

Over time, and especially during winter, leaves, moisture, debris and more can all start to build up on your roof and in your guttering. These build-ups can stop your drainage systems from operating as they should. And, left unattended they canĀ cause damage to your property.

Having your gutters or roofing cleaned is your best defence against build-ups. However, having one service provided without the other often means that you’re not getting a complete solution.

By purchasing combined roof and gutter cleaning you’ll know that you’re getting a total service with the cleaning of all roofing components, guttering, downpipes, and drains included.

“We provide the highest quality cleaning services, while also adhering to strict safety standards”

What is included in combined roof and gutter cleaning?

Not all cleaning services providers deliver the same service. At Bax Gutter Solutions, our focus is on providing industry leading standards of workmanship and premium quality results.

Choose our combined roof and gutter cleaning service and you get:

  • Safe removal of debris on/in your roof and guttering
  • Removal of debris which may fall below during cleaning
  • Replacement of roof coverings that are damaged during cleaning
  • Roofing/guttering condition report
  • Before and after photos

Combining roof and gutter cleaning will save time and money as we can package the two services. We then pass the savings onto you the customer.

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The risks of DIY cleaning

Every year Australians are injured in falls associated with the cleaning of high up places. Some of these injuries can be very serious. Additionally, DIY cleaning is not always completely effective and may leave key areas unattended to. The solution? Use a professional gutter cleaning service.

At Bax Gutter Solutions, our Work Safely at Heights certified cleaners have extensive experience in the cleaning of raised areas. We always use the latest equipment to ensure the safety of our staff and the security of your roofing and gutters.

In the unlikely event that an incident does occur, we are 100% insured for WorkCover and Public Liability.

Get your combined roof and gutter cleaning today

Call the team at Bax Gutter Solutions and you could have your gutters and roofing cleaned today. We work weekends, and can tailor our service to match your schedule.

So, take the difficulty and danger out of your cleaning. Speak with the professional team at Bax Gutter Solutions and let us clean your roofing and gutters promptly and safely.

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