Our Gutter Cleaning Process

How our professional gutter cleaners sink the competition

At Bax Gutter Solutions, we distinguish ourselves from competitors through outstanding service.

For us, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. We’re not happy with our work unless it’s of the highest standard.


Because we know in the long run, our thorough approach saves you time and money. It means fewer visits are needed to keep your gutters clean. And it helps keep your gutters healthy, avoiding the need for repairs.

That’s why we follow a five-step gutter cleaning process to ensure an efficient, superior service.

Gutter cleaners

Our five step gutter cleaning process


Step 1 – Job assessment

Before we pick up the tools, our professional gutter cleaners determine:

  • The best and safest way to access gutters
  • The type of guttering and roofing material
  • Safety measures to ensure safe work practices
  • Type of debris in the gutters


Step 2 – The “before” shots

Taking “before” photos of your gutters isn’t just to show you just how comprehensive a cleaning service we offer. It also means we can detect any gutter or roof issues that may require your attention.


Step 3 – Set up access and safety devices

To ensure zero risk to your property and our staff, we assess the roof material, angle and height.

If we are working on an angle or close to an exposed edge, we use a temporary fall restraint device (if no permanent anchors are present) to ensure staff safety. If the roof is not trafficable by foot, we use ladders or an elevated work platform.


Step 4 – Clean gutters and down-pipes

Our professional gutter cleaners remove all debris – including removing down-pipe blockages (if required). We also flush gutters and down-pipes if necessary.


Step 5 – The clean-up

Once we’ve taken the “after” photos, we collect and dispose of all mess – including gutter debris and fallout.

The result? Superior service.

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