Guide to Cleaning Gutters

It’s not just leaves in Autumn that block gutters. They can become clogged in all seasons – soil, grass, twigs, loose roof materials and sludge can all cause blockages. And those blockages that can cause costly damage, including flooding yours and your neighbours’ property.

So here’s Bax Gutter Solutions’ guide to cleaning gutters safely and effectively:

1. Get the right tools for the job

Before you start, make sure you have at least the following equipment:

  • Thick rubber gloves
  • Heavy duty black bin bags (lots of them)
  • A gutter scraper (can be purchased from your local hardware store)
  • Safe ladder of sufficient height
  • Hosepipe

2. Safety first


Before you do anything, think carefully about safety. A fall from height can cause serious injury – or worse – and there are other minor injuries to consider (like cuts to hands and fingers).

So firstly, make sure you test your ladder. Ensure it can stand evenly (without wobbling) on a solid, reasonably even surface. The ladder should allow you to access all parts of your clogged gutters without over-stretching and without you needing to use the top step.

Ensure you wear your thick rubber gloves while clearing the debris. All kinds of sharp waste can end up in gutters, including twigs, thorny branches, metallic objects and even broken glass.

If any part of the gutter or roof looks to be damaged or not secured, stay on the ground – and call in the experts.

3. Clean as you go

Having an organised system to clean up as you go will save you a huge amount of time. So as tempting as it may be to hurl debris from clogged gutters onto the ground below, you’re setting yourself up for a long clean-up operation.

So bag up gutter waste into buckets or bags as you remove it from your gutter. Not only will this make the clean-up operation quicker and easier, you’ll also avoid scratches and other injuries to your hands. However, be sure not to overfill the bags as the gutter debris may be too heavy to move safely at heights.

4. Get your technique down, and everything

There’s no need to ensure every section of guttering is pristine before moving on to the next. Instead, start by removing all the debris you can by hand. Then, hose out any debris, sludge or slit that’s too small to be picked out. Hose toward the nearest down pipe – this will also allow you to check if the down pipe is functioning correctly.


5. If in doubt, call the professionals

If you’re concerned your guttering may be loose, your safety equipment is not up to scratch or would just rather be doing something more fun, call Bax Gutter Solutions.

Thanks to our cutting-edge safety equipment, we can access high clogged gutters far more easily than the average homeowner can. That includes:

  • All sizes of ladders
  • Fall arrest/restraint harnesses and temporary anchor points
  • Boom and scissor lifts
  • Industrial rope access

We’re 100% Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) compliant. And we’ll ensure there is no damage to your roof or gutters, water damage to your property or flooding – though we still carry full insurance, just in case.

Contact us for professional gutter cleaning.